Using Nim Lang For Projects

2019-06-09 Nim, Pascal, Python, Programming

Well it has finally happened. A few days ago, I decided to switch over to Nim for all of my programming needs. I will still use C, Pascal, & PHP as needed. But, my now overly large Python codebase is going to be slowly redeveloped into Nim. And to top it all off, I have officially started the Nim rewrite of the Sociomauto Marketing Automation project.

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Pascal Game Development

Making games in Pascal can me super frustrating to say the least. If you want to make games in nearly any other language, just pop over to YouTube or Github and search for C++ Game Engine, or Rust Game Engine. You will find many suitable libraries, frameworks, and engines for you to use. This is not the case for Pascal Game Development.

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EffectorUI for Lazarus/FreePascal

2018-02-02 GUI, Modern GUI, Pascal, Lazarus

I am going to create a set of Components, which enable the development of Interactive, and Modern looking User Interfaces with FreePascal and Lazarus. Completely compatible with the RAD or Drag and Drop methodology we all love. Or at least most of us pascal developers like this, for quick desktop applications.

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Pascal's biggest problem. The lack of libraries

While working on my Google replacement system, I ran into a lot of issues last night, where libraries or code doesn't exist for me to utilize. I had to start writing it myself or take libraries from C and convert them or take libraries written in Delphi Pascal and operating system. It reminded me of when I first started working with Pascal, and why I eventually started coding more and more in C.

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Olymporian: The Linux Game Jam 2017

Olymporian 4X ScreenshotI stumbled upon The Linux Game Jam 2017 just in time to enter it the day it was starting. It gave me a really good excuse to work on a game that I had been wanting to start for a couple years now. The only real requirement for the Jam was it had to run on linux. Browser, JVM, Native, etc. As long as you could start it without using Wine. I chose to develop my game in Pascal using the ZenGL library to get some basic stuff out of the way.

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