Setup dante 1.4.1 (sockd) dante-server on Ubuntu 16.04

Recently I had the need to setup a SOCKS5 Proxy server. After looking at all of my options, I settled on the easiest solution (Dante SOCKS Server v1.4.1) that met all of my criteria.

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Gamma Lang: Compyler

2016-06-20 20:45 Gamma Lang

The compiler for GammaLang was originally started in C, however after getting the initial parser completed, progress slowed way down. At first, I thought that I was losing interest in the project, but after realizing that I was still working on the project the same amount of time, and constantly thinking about it. I have come to the conclusion that it is actually C that is slowing down my development progress. The added complexity of memory management & data structure implementation in C was consuming lots of brain cycles and hours of development. Thus the need to move to Python.

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Diadosi & QLisp for website data.

2016-05-30 11:16 QLisp, Diadosi, CMS, Project

After some time working on the initial Diadosi platform and develping my own LispVM for allowing quering of data out of Diadosi, I decided to start over (sort of).

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New application backend!

2016-03-25 01:56 Hosting, Server

After writing my initial "Prototype" backend (which is still running in 'read-only' mode) I was faced with having to maintain the service and fix bugs, and let's not forget adding new features as needed. As with all prototypes, there were some peices that were sort of smashed together just to make the system work with minimal effort. Security was thrown out the window, to reduce the time to develop the core features, and was developed in NodeJS because they have PEG.js

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Game Programming Language! (Gamma)

Well here I am again, wanting to make another programming languange (Gamma). Why? You might ask. All I can say is, I really want to. I love creating little applications, testing out ideas, and prototyping different concepts. I could always use LibGDX, Unity, or some other engine or library that already exists; I don't want to. I want to be in control of how the language looks, compiles, and acts. If I want to add a special feature in the language that doesn't exist in C++, I want to be able to; not just create a library, but make the functionality actually part of the language.

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