Staying Focused on Profitable Work

Lately I have been having trouble staying focused and being productive towards work/tasks from which I earn money. This seems to include both personal (self published) projects and client (contracted) projects. See I have over 180 domain names of which only two or three are actually making any money; why? I cannot seem to stay focused on a single project long enough to bring it to make a profit. Join me as I explore my seemingly masterful procrastination skills.

At some level, I am aware of what I need to be doing. At another level, I KNOW what should be done to make more money. Always, I am aware that I need to be working on projects which will generate Passive or Near Passive income (since true Passive income is not real). I want more than anything in my company and career, to generate more and better cash flow. Especially projects which have a low maintenance overhead.

But here is where I struggle. I have so many ideas, and I am pulled in so many different directions; I just can't seem to make significant progress on any one project, without either wanting to work on another project, a game, or I don't know "start a new project or business" I mean I have over 180 domains, many are pipe dream businesses I wish to start.

What are my goals?

The biggest motivator for me, is to have fun with what I am working on. This however is not conducive to an environment which promotes follow-through, productivity, or profits. It does however in the short term, feel very rewarding. In the long term, not so much. It takes some time, but you realize that your inability to stay on task, focusing on a specific goal or project only so long as it is pleasing; destroys your ability to be productive, profitable, and even happy with what you have spent your time on. I have hundreds of half baked, unusable, unpresentable and worthless applications and business plans. they do no good to me as they are. They are not developed enough to know if the premise is usable (as most are technical research of sorts).

How I plan to change this.

That is it! I am thoroughly done with my inability to complete projects. So, I AM GOING TO START A NEW PROJECT (that I plan to complete)! ROFL, just kidding. 😂🤣😁

I have nearly 100 unfinished projects. I am going to pick one, and complete it. Using it's code as a basis to complete several others which are similar technically, however focusing on a different vertical.

⭐ I REFUSE, to start a new project (except for a client of course)

⭐ I REFUSE, to stop working on this project until it is marketable (able o be sold to customers)

⭐ I REFUSE, to convince myself it needs to be more than it is (reducing scope creep)

⭐ I REFUSE, to become side tracked, and indulge in other projects. (only allowed to work on this one)

When all is said and done, I will have a completed software application which can be installed and used by more than just me or other developers. It will be easy, and as bug free 🐞 as I can given it being a solo developer project.

What is this project you might ask, well I cannot share that, just yet.

Tech specs. of productivity.

I have listened to more than 10 audio books, on being highly productive. And I am thoroughly impressed by a few of them. Especially "Procrastinate on Purpose" it has been paramount to my metal revolution on productivity and self awareness as it pertains to Business and Productivity. I now realize more than ever the following:

  • I need to Create Systems (More in another article later)
  • I need to focus on the 20% which make up the 80%. (Again more in a followup article)
  • I need to Hyper-Focus on the task at hand.
  • Delegate what I can
  • Work only on what I must
  • Give up on what doesn't matter

This is my current plan to be more productive. It is easier to multiply my time, if I have others contributing to my objectives. I need to stop being a control freak, and start being a project manager, creating systems through with I am able to task others to work or contribute to my productivity.

That is all for now. I hope to write further on this topic. I will however be more productive in the mean time, and I will have something to share by then.