Starting Python: Python Game Development

After working with python for some time now, and trying to find new income opportunities, I have decided to create a training course (video series) about Python Game Development. This is the first of hopefully many programming courses I want to create. This one focusing on teaching people with little to no programming experience, how to create a small video game.


For some time now I have wanted to create training material for people to learn software development. But not just copy and paste coding videos. Video Series with detailed explanations of what is happening, and many times why we are approaching problems in certain ways.

The first course will be using python and pyglet to create a Side-Scroller, Zombie Shooter game. We will install Python and setup our environment, quickly run through some language features & syntax, and develop the game while learning more python. Each video will build on the previous, and expand the game features, until we have a fully playable game.

We will cover some game development patterns and ideas, such as State Machines, Entity Management, and so on.