Quora Programming Questions?

More so recently I think there is a serious problem in the Quora Programming Community. There are a few issues, but at the top of my list is the number of absolutely ridiculous questions being asked. From the "Can I Actually Become a Programmer" to the "Why is X no longer good practice".

When I was a child, on long road trips, or during "Sleep-Overs", we would play a game called Madlibs or something like this. And how it worked, is someone creates a (story) script which has a few variables, these would be titled "Verb", "Adverb", "Noun", "Adjective", "Pronoun", etc. You would then ask the participant who's turn it is for the needed values to fill in this script. After which the "dealer" would read the script placing the values where they belong. Usually creating a fun story. Then rotate the Script and the next player take their turn providing the values for the newly (random) selected story.

I bring this up for one reason. More lately I have the filling that this is how questions on Quora are created. I think that their system is scanning the internet, finding questions being asked, then doing some spinning and word replacement; they have a newly minted question to churn out to their willing community to create content on their platform. For which, Quora uses to generate money, via Ads and such. It seems to me, that Quora is the Mad Libs of only communities.

The second issue I now have is the genuine but ridiculous questions as I used in the first paragraph. "Why is it so difficult to become a programmer?" or "How to explain to my family why I want to be a programmer?" or even worse "Why is (!) not in any C-Like languages today?" The last one I think is a Spider Crawl, Spin, Replace, Generated Question.

I used to spend hours a week, thumbing through, and answering questions on Quora. Now that I realize, there may not be a real person asking the questions, that it might be a nice (or not) procedural generation of questions; I have lost any motivation to supply content for their platform. I might as well find questions which need answers, write about them here, and supply a link (with a short answer) to my newly created blog post. Driving traffic to my site, providing an answer there and here for a real person asking a genuine question.

By utilizing your own blog to really answer the question, you are able to do it how you want, and gain the traffic for your efforts. Of course, provide a summary answer where the question was asked, this is polite practice. But you will in a way, be rewarded for your work.

Your benefits might include:

  • Additional Traffic
  • Increased Ad Revenue
  • Additional Content (for Search Engine Placement)
  • New E-mail Contacts
  • Increased Affiliate Sales
  • And anything else, which is directly effected by an increase in real traffic to your website.