Pascal's biggest problem. The lack of libraries

While working on my Google replacement system, I ran into a lot of issues last night, where libraries or code doesn't exist for me to utilize. I had to start writing it myself or take libraries from C and convert them or take libraries written in Delphi Pascal and operating system. It reminded me of when I first started working with Pascal, and why I eventually started coding more and more in C.

And it's because I wasn't a good enough programmer and I didn't know enough math or general logic to actually implement the things that I wanted to create. I needed someone else's code to do the things that I wanted to do when they were passed my level of complexity for knowledge and skill. It's kind of sad to say it's at this point in time for Pascal at least it's still the case that there might be a library out there but it doesn't compile, it has bugs, it is not compatible with your operating system, etc.

There are lots of things that stop you from being able to just go to Github  or to Sourceforge and find a library, that does exactly what you needed to do or pretty close, and throw it in your folder. Included in the Uses statement and start using it. Whereas, in C if you want for instance; I was looking for a good MQTT Server/Client Library, the server library, thankfully that I did find is going to work mostly. I do have to change it a little bit, but if you go to Github and type in MQTT client for C language, you're going to find dozens and dozens, maybe even hundreds of little C Libraries. Many of them still maintained lots of them are not going to have the full feature set, but many of them will be. They all have very little specific niche; one's low in memory, one doesn't support SSL, one doesn't do authentication. Whatever the case maybe but, they all have their thing.

For Pascal that's not the case and it's sad, because I feel there might be a lot of good programmers who are just starting, or for people who aren't good yet but could become really good programmers, and starting with Pascal. And they give up because they don't find what they need.