Olymporian: The Linux Game Jam 2017

Olymporian 4X ScreenshotI stumbled upon The Linux Game Jam 2017 just in time to enter it the day it was starting. It gave me a really good excuse to work on a game that I had been wanting to start for a couple years now. The only real requirement for the Jam was it had to run on linux. Browser, JVM, Native, etc. As long as you could start it without using Wine. I chose to develop my game in Pascal using the ZenGL library to get some basic stuff out of the way.


Olymporian is an Orion Inspired Game.

In the early 90's, my dad and I used to play a game called Master Of Orion. It was one of my favorite games, which I still play to this day. I have had saved games which would last for months to complete. Being a turn based strategy game there is no rush. I could save my game, go to sleep, wake up early before school and get a couple more turns in. I would often be completely distracted at school thinking about my game, and trying to figure out the best way to attack my enemies and defend my empire.

You can download and play it.

I am hosting Olymporian on Itch.io. you can find it at: https://midgetviking.itch.io/olymporian

Continued Development.

I am planing on continuing the games development. I am currently working on a new GUI library. The current GUI system is a little hackish and doesn't handle input at nicely as I want it to.

Here is my rough roadmap:

  • GUI system
  • Recreate all UI's using new GUI System
  • Finish resource management for planets
    • Add Production Points
    • Add Research Points
    • Redefine Population Growth Calculations
      • Add Death rate into calculation
      • Include Environmental Factors into Birth/Death rate of population
      • Add upper bounds log curve to simulate earth like population growth
    • Clamp Waste 0 - 100
  • Implement Tech Tree
    • Create first couple levels of tech
    • Create a Tech Management Screen
      • Select specific research projects
      • Allocate research points to specific projects
      • ? Corporate entities may propose research projects to you, which may or may not be fruitful
    • The tech tree should include researching building which can be built on your planets
  • Ships
    • Ship design
      • Using researched or base technology, a player should be able to pick a hull, name the ship, and pick all of the tech which is on-board. This includes colonization pods, weapons, computers, shields, etc.
    • Ship Movement
    • Ship Combat
      • This should be vary similar to Orion 1 ship combat
  • Diplomacy
    • Lots to do here
  • AI
    • Create more smart AI, using the existing AI system.