LinuxFest Northwest 2018 Prep

Preparing for not one but two talks is really a pain. I am speaking at LinuxFest Northwest 2018 twice. Both are topics I am super interested in, however being the first talks I am giving; I feel somewhat overwhelmed. It's a good thing I didn't shoot for 3.

Writing a VM - Programming Language Development.

The first of the two talks, is about writing a Virtual Machine which executes a byte code file. And, following the implementation of the VM, we will create Compiler! This will take our programming language resembling Assembly and compile it into a binary file, which our VM can execute.

And, I feel completely unprepared 

I don't have the code completed yet, and I am leaving in 2 days for the conference. I guess I will be putting the final touches on the code, while I am on the plane and in the terminal waiting for connecting flights. I really hate cutting it this close.

Pseudo Bundle Package Management

 I am getting close to having this talk ready. It is especially easy, since I will only be talking, and not have any demo code. I originally did plan on having some demo code, but as I predicted "I ran out of time". Life is crazy busy at the moment, and I am just trying to hold it all together as best I can.

I had an idea about package management for my own linux distro. I want to share that idea, and how some of the other systems just don't cut it for me.

I am feeling like I need to actually finalize the slides for this thing, tonight.

Post Show Notes:

Summary, I did terrible on the VM one. It was embarrassing. The second one (Bundles) went super well. I think.