Updated: Informal Seattle Meetup | Fri 15th 2019

UPDATE 11/16/2019: To all that met up at paddy coyne's on pier 70. Thank you for the great evening, I really enjoyed meeting all of you. You all have such great projects you are working on, and I hope that we can keep in communication for years to come. Enjoy the conference (it is starting now)

UPDATE: Meeting at Paddy Coyne's on Pier 70. 2:30 PM Happy Hour starts at 3:00 (afterwhich, one beer on me) Hope to see you guys and gals there.

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It would be great to meet some other developers who care about the code they write, and the code users execute. I am trying to put together a quick get together for a couple of hours for us to meet and chat about different projects, ideas, experiences or yourselves with a few beers Around 2:30 PM on Friday, in Seattle Washington. Hey there, my name is Don Duvall (Tazdij) and I am a Software Engineering Junky. I am developing and maintaining the raylib-pas binding for Raylib, always writing my own Game Engine and forever starting new projects. I am also self-employed and develop software and services which I sell to and for many different verticals/industries.

Read on to get some more details...

Where are we going to meetup?

I have no idea yet. I am going to call a few bars around town, and see if we can get a discount. If not, I will invite you all to my Room at a hotel a few blocks from the conference venue (I know it is weird, and possibly against hotel policy, but desperate times and all) But, I will supply a few cases of beer.

Keep an eye on the spreadsheet for Location Update.

What topics or theme is this meetup?

There isn't really a topic or theme. I just want to meet some other cool people who share an interest is Software Engineering, and talk about all the cool stuff you are all doing.

Why should anyone show up?

I don't know about you guys, but I don't often get the chance to meet other software developers to talk about actually interesting topics or projects. Usually the developers I get to talk with are in it for the money, or just not that into software development.

  • Networking with other developers
  • Build a network of people to bounce ideas off of
  • Self-Employed or Otherwise-Employed developers might find it nice to know individuals who might be interested in teaming up for certain projects (I know I am)
  • Chat about a topic you are interested in, with people who are also interested in it.
  • A few Free Beers (if it is in my Hotel Room)