Goals and Objectives 2021

It is that time of the year again. Time for a New Year's Resolution, and in my usual tradition, I will not exactly do the whole resolution aspect of this thing. I try to create goals, and then formulate plans to help me achieve said goals. These goals need to be Motivating, Challenging, Measurable, Attainable, and Beneficial. This should sound similar in spirit to SMART goals, if you are an employee of a large corporation.

This was one of my most hated aspects of working for and being a manager at a large company. I not only needed to build goals with my employees, but I needed to create them for myself, based on the pipe dream of our "fearless leader" and CEO who had unrealistic expectations and goals for all of his employees, frequently resulting in 60+ hour work weeks. (In a company that had a strict "Work Life Balance" policy) 😕

I am not sure he ever got the memo about the amount of hours, his ideas would take to reify. 🤔

Motivations for goals

The first note about my goals for 2021, are the motivation for growing my business. While Ii did formally dissolve my company, Duvall Industries, LLC, in California, I am planning on going bigger, bolder, and more profitable in 2021. Focusing on moving to Nevada, and restructuring my company to offer Products and Services which we are excited about, able to support and expand, plus focussing on key software products and services which I would like to start selling Q1 of 2021.

I am pushing myself to stay motivated. I am listening to and reading as many books about Business Management, Financial Education, Selling, Marketing, Motivation, Productivity, and Communication as I can. 😅 It is a lot, but Audible is awesome.

This is an effort to Learn, and most importantly, STAY MOTIVATED.

On to, My 2021 GOALS

In no particular order:

  • Grow Monthly Billings by $100 per month. Ending in December 2021 with $1,200 more monthly billings than January 2021. 💵 🤩
    *This does not include Hourly Services Billings.* think monthly subscriptions and other passive income
  • Complete KampWare campground management software, and release in Q3 for sale 💲
  • Complete StorAware storage management software, and release in Q4 for sale 💲
  • Write and release one Kindle 📖 book per quarter, totaling 4 books by December.
  • Listen to at least 2 business, financial, productivity or similar books each calendar month.
  • Identify a new potential asset each month - including research into its potential earnings
  • Complete and sell business-class email service (inbox+mailgun/sending) start advertising, and selling Q1.
  • Complete MailRailway WP Plugin for email marketing for WP in Q1
  • Start renting our first property. (Expanding our business, into RealEstate rentals, to increase cashflow) 

2021 Learning Plans

In addition to my actual Goals listed above. I plan to continue my learning of Business Development, Sales, Financial Intelligence, and Engineering/Technology. The following goals are less important, but are important to me personally.

  • Start utilizing Go in place of Python where possible. (Increasing my fluidity in Go skill and knowledge)
  • Learn about Native Pure Go android application development
  • Refine Flutter/Dart experience via writing at least 1 full featured application
  • Publish a small game using Pure Go

Final notes about planning

I am certainly no great planner, and I am hardly even good enough to plan a single day. I really need to get better about this. But, I am planning on making these goals happen. I am working on multiple projects that are nearing completion, and they might have the ability to help me accomplish my goals. I need to create a plan, and stick to it, adjusting it as needed through the year.

  • Next I need to finalize my Annual Plan (High Level) and Publish it.
  • Shortly there after, I need to create a more detailed plan for each Quarter.
  • Finally at the end of each month, I need to create a detailed monthly plan for the upcoming month.

Each of these should help me track and maintain progress on each of my Goals. As well as, making sure I stay on track for my client projects too.

Have a happy new year, and I hope to see you around.