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Currently having intelligent marketing or Marketing Automation is the key to successful Content Marketing, and lead nurturing. Could you imagine trying to give all of your prospects the individual attention required to keep them engaged and ever thoughtful of your product, service or solution? I recently recorded a presentation where I talk about the current state of Marketing Automation and the cost to implement and use it. I also pitch my Idea for a Free & Open Source Marketing Automation system.

My pitch to create a Free, Open Source - Marketing Automation System

Please take an hour to watch this presentation, to fully understand the system I am proposing we create.

Work has already begun!

I have started building out the base of this system. Given that it must scale well, I am developing a microservice like framework for the application to be build into. I will cover the technical details in the SocioMAuto Dev-Blog and here as I see fit. Soon I will have a working service which produces the tracking code (Similar to ga.js) to be included in your websites. And from there it isn't a far stretch to basic Automation features.

Take a look, help support the project.

Thank you for taking some time to look at my presentation and hear out my proposal. If you want to take a deeper look at SocioMAuto, please visit the website:

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