EffectorUI for Lazarus/FreePascal

I am going to create a set of Components, which enable the development of Interactive, and Modern looking User Interfaces with FreePascal and Lazarus. Completely compatible with the RAD or Drag and Drop methodology we all love. Or at least most of us pascal developers like this, for quick desktop applications.

The main idea is there will be a Sequencer component, which handles a timeline, and also events of a sort. Each component can be attached or have an Effector attached. The Effector's control different parameters of the components over time. these can be coordinated via the sequencer, and events as triggers.

This is very similar to how Motion Graphics like animations work, and should yield very fast and light weight User Interfaces, which are extremely flexible, much like CSS/Javascript but without the huge overhead. However, it will not be as easy to achieve a lot of the same controls, such as charts and so on.