Current Project List (Nov 2019)

 I have been thinking for a while, I should publish lists of my current projects. Maybe monthly, or quarterly; however, this will be the first list of projects, that I am working on this month. November 2019.

  1. Helios: Rising - Game
  2. StorAware, This is a mini-storage property management application. Designed to run offline, with local multi-client instances and a Cloud Backup and Remote Login (via Cloud). This software is developed in Pascal using the FreePascal compiler, and is cross-platform.
  3. KampWare Park Manager, This is another Pascal project using a similar setup to the StorAware software. However this program is a little more involved, and needs many additional features, calculations, and such. But given the simple codebase, this is managed well.
  4. ProviderInbox, an Email solution for healthcare providers to email patients' their medical information, while not violating HIPAA regulations. With a new way of encrypted information, and confirming identity, via the Patient Portal; Practices no longer need to worry about employees or systems violating ePHI requirements set by HIPAA. This is written primarily in Python with some custom C Extensions where needed for security and performance.
  5. AliGigs, hopefully a competitor to Fiverr in the near future. AliGigs is an online marketplace for freelancers to find clients, and SMBs to find Freelancers to help with their projects. Entirely developed with the idea of not taking so much of the provider and clients money during the transactions, along with not filtering out communications like trading contact information. This is primarily developed in Python, and PHP for the Front-End website.