2018 New Year's Resolutions & Objectives (SMART Goals)

Every year, Millions of people are determined in one way or another, to make a positive change in their lives; myself included. However this year,  I have less of a Resolution theme and more of an Objective like SMART Goals (Specific Measurable Aforethought Realistic Time-bound). This is not the typical Corporate SMART or ASMART goals that management gives you, tying it to your Merit Increase raise at the end of the year. These goals are for me and my life, to make me more independent, efficient/productive, knowledgeable, and skillful. These goals will each have milestones, and progress reviews each month. I intend to write about them each here on my blog, at least once per month, in my progress review. Without further ado, here are my Objectives.

De-Google, Everything!

The first google product I used, was not actually Google.com but, Gmail. I don't even remember the first Gmail address I had, maybe it was [email protected] (Higher Hills Blacksmith). This was when they offered 1GB of email storage, while other were only offering about 100MB to 150MB. At the time I didn't realize what an invasion of privacy, Google would become, or what it already was. After this I started using Google Search, then Google Docs, Photos, Android, DNS, and loads of other services. It has inched its way into almost every aspect of my digital life. And it is about time, it is completely removed. Starting with the removal of Docs, DNS, Search, Analytics, then Photos, and finally Android*. During the transition, I intend to go completely FOSS, for all of my software needs. Hardware is a whole other beast to tackle, maybe by 2020.

Side Hustles.

During 2018, I am setting the goal for myself to develop software and/or services, which combined earn $1,000 USD per month by December. I already have a handful of almost finished projects, which need to be finished up, and ready to be monetized.

  • The Harvest Company - This has been a long time coming, and finally I have the time to really give this some attention. Starting with the Audio Transcriber service HarvestCast. This hustle is a set of multiple services and WP Plugins which help churches reduce their overall cost and effort, to be relevant online and in peoples' digital lives.
  • Udemy Classes - I am working on a few Udemy Classes which should be finished up in the next couple of months. "Starting Python, Write a Game", "Learn Programming with Pascal", "Advanced Pascal Programming". Each of these courses will hopefully make a couple hundred each month, adding to my monthly total.
  • Game Projects - This year I intend to create at least 2 video games (and specifically not a game engine). These will be very simple games which I hope to sell on Itch.io and try to port to Android, and maybe iOS. They will be developed in Pascal, and with my own code (except OpenGL and SDL2). Olymporian 4X space strategy, and The Enchanted Mystery scrolling adventure. If time permits, I will try to remake my game Master Baiting or a new IP Midget Vikings or Macaroni Knight.
  • Consulting + Custom Services - I have been working for a couple people specifically creating websites and some specialized marketing tools, with minimal NRE charges and should start to collect in the new year. Starting at just about $60 per month net. With additional hourly consulting as needed. This will help in the early months to get those numbers up.
  • Affiliate Marketing - I know it sounds so much like a SCAM, but I really think the idea is sound, after all I am in marketing. For this to work, you have to have the right content and think outside the box. Be willing to try out odd ideas, even if you don't think they will work. This will force me to reconsider everything I think works or not when it comes to other people. While I don't think I will make a load of money doing Affiliate Marketing, it could be some recurring income, with minimal continual effort. I intend to write content for NewSkeptic every other day for the entire year, about all manner of topics, each with good search volume. The site needs to be fully functional by end of March 2018.
  • nixDaily - Develop and maintain nixDaily, News aggregator, and original content by me, about Linux/Unix happenings. This will be at least one of my articles, and videos per week.
  • Sociomauto...

Content Creation

This year, I plan to continue my recent trend of creation. I want to write at least three blog articles each week, and create at least 3 YouTube videos each week. These articles and videos will be all tech related, mainly on Linux or related software and other Free and OpenSource Software. By the end of the year, I hope to have gained some following from this content, and be able to drive more interest in my projects, software, and consulting.

Hopefully a good year

I am really hopeful that 2018 will be a good year for me to become more independent, and less reliant on having a normal job. I am blessed to live in a time, where with a computer and a good understanding of technology, anyone is able to make money from just about anywhere. Now it is up to me to actually finish something, and ask for money for it.


Happy New Year, to everyone and I hope this encourages you to think more about Goals and Objectives, and less about Resolutions. Make your resolutions daily habits, focus on goals long term goals. All of these goals are focused at helping me to realize my 3 to 5 year goal of being 100% independent from having an employer. Not exactly owning and running a business, but not needing to hold a job.