Updated: Informal Seattle Meetup | Fri 15th 2019

UPDATE 11/16/2019: To all that met up at paddy coyne's on pier 70. Thank you for the great evening, I really enjoyed meeting all of you. You all have such great projects you are working on, and I hope that we can keep in communication for years to come. Enjoy the conference (it is starting now)

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Current Project List (Nov 2019)


 I have been thinking for a while, I should publish lists of my current projects. Maybe monthly, or quarterly; however, this will be the first list of projects, that I am working on this month. November 2019.

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Simple vs. Complex and Featureful Code

To many times, I see or hear people creating complex solutions for problems. Even worse, creating additional complexity to solve problems they have created with their overly complex initial solution. In this short article, I want to try and share my "Opinion" about simplicity in our code and projects. I am undertaking the development of a few projects at the moment, and each complex in their own way, I want to solidify my idea of simplicity and apply it to these projects. Let's jump into it.

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Using Nim Lang For Projects

2019-06-09 Nim, Pascal, Python, Programming

Well it has finally happened. A few days ago, I decided to switch over to Nim for all of my programming needs. I will still use C, Pascal, & PHP as needed. But, my now overly large Python codebase is going to be slowly redeveloped into Nim. And to top it all off, I have officially started the Nim rewrite of the Sociomauto Marketing Automation project.

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FIX: Windows 10 Freezes Randomly (Disk 100%)

My Windows 10 computer with a brand new Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD freezes for 10 - 15 seconds at a time, randomly. Well, it used to. It turned out to be a driver issue. After doing some research it seems that it is AMDs fault not Samsung. We just need to swap a driver out.

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